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Classroom Experience University of Minnesota Boot Camps

What is it like inside the classrooms of the University of Minnesota’s Coding/Data Visualization and Analytics/Cybersecurity Boot Camps? Our programs are intensive and immersive, combining compelling lectures with individual and collaborative team exercises. 

Strategic homework assignments give students hands-on practice on the lessons learned in class, allowing them to fine-tune their skills. We believe that applying your skills on projects is pivotal to mastering new material. In class, students gain insight into a “day in the life” of a full-stack developer, data analyst, or cybersecurity professional.

To give students a truly immersive learning experience, we provide an intimate class setting with a low instructor to student ratio. In addition to our talented instructional team, students have dedicated TAs in classroom to provide wide-ranging support.

Students do all of their coursework via laptop, eliminating the need for books or additional class materials. Our course structure is broken up into three main groups.


Instructor-led discussions cover the history, usage, and background of a new technology or concept.

Lab Work

You’ll put the material covered in class into action by working on timed, in-class exercises and projects.

Portfolio Projects

Class assignments focus on projects and applications that showcase your abilities across a wide range of technologies.

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