Coding Boot Camp

U of M Coding Boot Camp equips students with the core skills needed for front-end and back-end web development and technology through dynamic, classroom-based instruction.

Data Visualization and Analytics Boot Camp

U of M Data Visualization and Analytics Boot Camp prepares professionals with the fundamental and specialized skills necessary to land a job in the booming field of data analytics.

Learn Coding and Data Analytics at U of M

University of Minnesota Boot Camps

Our programs equip students with the necessary skills to further or start a career in web development or data analytics. We combine an in-person classroom experience with dynamic curricula and experienced instructors, giving students a valuable education to help them find a path to success.

  • Our curricula teach the most in-demand market skills* for the fields of web development and data analytics.
  • Students receive access to University of Minnesota Boot Camps’ in-depth career planning assistance.
  • Students build a diverse portfolio of web applications and projects that demonstrate their knowledge of programming or data analytics.
  • Both of our programs offer convenient part-time schedules for students who wish to stay at their current job while learning valuable new skills. Our web development course also offers a full-time option for students who want to acquire these skills in a shorter time period.

*The material covered in these courses is subject to change due to market demand.

University of Minnesota Boot Camps were created to help students acquire the skills and professional network needed to tap into the high-demand career tracks of data analytics and web development.

What You Will Learn | University of Minnesota Boot Camps

What You Will Learn

  • In both our web development and data analytics programs, students build a strong foundation of skills that are required in order to be competitive in these industries.
  • Students take part in experiential learning activities and gain real-world knowledge.
  • Our programs provide professional development services including portfolio reviews, mock interviews, soft-skills training, recruiting, and more.
  • A new set of hard and soft skills to position you for success as you transition into or advance in the professional world.
  • A certificate of completion of the Full Stack Web Development Boot Camp or the Data Visualization and Analytics Boot Camp from the University of Minnesota College of Continuing and Professional Studies, showcasing your accomplishments to future employers.
  • A strong portfolio of apps and projects built through hands-on experience to demonstrate your skills in web development or data analytics.
What Graduates Receive University of Minnesota Boot Camps

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