About Joseph Kanter

Joseph Kanter Instructor Bio University of Minnesota Boot CampsA lifelong coder, Joseph picked up web development from various jobs as the need arose. His largest running application, known as ALCM, manages the life cycles of over 20,000 laptop and desktop assets inside BMC Software Inc. It enabled asset information to be synchronized effectively between many geographical groups and allowed the many assets to be successfully inventoried daily by only a dozen people.

Joseph has also done customer-facing freelance work for several large companies, including Google, creating everything from HTML Canvas animations to full stack apps. Along the way, he created corporate training modules, where he discovered his passion for teaching.

Fun Facts:

  • He wrote a Fourier Transform in SQL, but lost the code
  • Before high school, he went to international competitions for Bible memorization
  • He loves rollercoasters and rock climbing
  • He dabbles in machine learning