About Jesse Mortenson

Jesse Mortenson Instructor Bio University of Minnesota Boot Camps Jesse wanted to be an English teacher in high school, so he spent 16 years in software development and finally got there! 

He started a small web development business with two friends right after high school, building it up enough to pay the bills by the time he graduated (with a degree in sociology). Original business partners moved on, and Jesse moved from HTML/CSS to building back-end features in PHP in order to keep the business running.

For the last six years, Jesse has worked as a PHP developer and DevOps engineer. He’s built cloud infrastructure and developed APIs. On the side, he built swhenever.com, the Twin Cities concert calendar that he wished already existed. It took a long time, but gave him the chance to learn a lot, including React, Node.js, Python, Docker and Kubernetes.

Fun Facts:

  • He has probably seen hundreds of concerts
  • He ran for office once
  • He’s a cat person, but not a hater
  • He loves sci-fi and fantasy
  • Gif is pronounced “jiff”